Dine-in order

Dine-in order

Leave your customers smiling with the best dine-in ordering service around. It is a secure, reliable, lightning-fast ordering process to keep your business flowing. Through this option, you will be able to offer your customers the flexibility to order food straight to their table, saving you and your staff time, with all orders paid securely.

Collection order

Whilst ensuring good social distancing practices, your customers can order and pay using their own mobile phones.
Collection Order allows you to manage the number of orders per time slot and ensure you provide a simple and clear process for your customers.
Collection order
Order delivery

Order delivery

Having set-up your logistics, you can use our product to receive and manage your customers’ delivery orders. With the ability to set multiple radiuses, restrict driving distances and include/exclude part and full postcodes, you can set your delivery areas easily.

We have offered the best pricing
to transition easier!

Starting from £25 per Month

+ £149 Setup Fee (One-Off)
  • QR Code
  • Exclusive order domain
  • Exclusive admin dashboard

Case Study: Maison Vie

"Contactless Order has enabled me to offer online ordering in a much simple way and remain connected with my loyal customer base even during the current pandemic. This platform has been an absolute vital lifeline for our business as it helps us keep social distancing between our staff and customers and avoid any direct contacts while integrating multiple ordering and payment options"
Maria, Maison Vie Director